3 Things You Need To Do To Stand Out As An Estate Agent

By: Matt Giggs | December 2, 2023

Today I am going to talk to you about the three things that you need to do in order to stand out in your real estate agency businesses. I know these will help you stand out from your competition because I've been an estate agent for 28 years.

I started as a junior, a trainee, a tea boy, an all-round run around, and I ended up going from that position to running my own estate agency group and coaching and training thousands of agents across the country. Whether you're an estate agent or business owner who’s looking to scale your business without sleaze or you’re just someone who’s taken a bit of interest in the property industry and wants to know more about this career in the UK right now, keep reading.

So what are the three things to stand out from your real estate agency competition that you need to work on right now in your business?

1. Your mindset

2. Your personal brand

3. Your motivation

1 - Work On Your Estate Agent Mindset

The number one thing you need to do to stand out as an estate agent is to work on your mindset. It is absolutely everything. It's the thing that's kept me going in the moments when I've wanted to quit.

And I'm telling you, over the years ahead you're going to have dark moments. You're going have moments when you think, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ But that's when you dig deep and lean on your mindset. That's when you really understand what you're in this to achieve what you're in this for, why this is the career for you.

Working on your mindset is about developing the resilience you need, and developing your ability, your confidence, and your skills. They're the things that are going to help you to improve day by day, week by week, year by year. I promise you right now that this will never be something that you ever conquer – you have to keep developing to keep improving.

I have days when I think, ‘Crikey, by now I thought I would be …’ But no, no, no, that's just another moment where I'm going into a place of learning and growing. When you get that resistance, when you think ‘Am I in this at the right time? Is this the right thing? Is it going in the right direction?’ is when your mindset takes you to the right place.

Understand The Challenges

So what do you need to do to develop that mindset? You need to listen. You need to bring the right stuff into your mind. You need to protect what's going on in there and invest wisely.

People go and train really hard at the gym, but they don't train really hard in their mind. Think about it – your mind is your most powerful muscle. You can develop it, but you've got to understand the challenges that you're going to face.

You’re going to make sure your mindset is strong enough to deal with the situations, the conversations, the difficulties, and the fall throughs that go with being an estate agent. There are loads of things, right? But with the right mindset, you won’t be put off by that.

With the right mindset, you’ll really embrace the difficulties and really understand that's part of who you need to be, rather than run away from the challenges. You’ll know that when you’re willing to be outside your comfort zone your mindset will grow with your skill set.

That's the bit I want you to understand. That's number one – it's all about what you do to invest in your mind from the moment you wake up so that when you're at the office or in appointments you’ll know how to approach each situation.

Be Authentic

What does using my mindset look like in practice? I'm just about to go out and meet someone and probably discuss the fact that their house is probably worth somewhere in the region of a hundred thousand pounds less than what they want.That’s a hard conversation to have.

Now what do I do, sit here and whinge and moan about it? No! I'm going to go out there with the questions. I'm going to go out there with the information and the education to help that client to see that their needs aren't going to get met if they just carry on doing what they're doing right now. They have to come on the journey, they have to understand what they need to do, and it's my job before all of that to get clear as to why I'm doing this and how I'm going to do it.

So for me right now, mindset's everything. I have the right mindset to be a real estate agent and so do you. You have to be real to be you. You can’t move outside your authentic self. That's part of the mindset that you need to develop. Don't try to be an estate agent, be a person, be you. Imagine yourself in their situation and ask yourself what advice would you need right now.

Your mindset is your power weapon – work on it wisely.

2 - Work On Your Personal Brand As An Estate Agent

The second thing you need to work on is your personal brand. I know you hear this an awful lot and there's some absolutely wonderful inspiring people talking about it. If you go and find them on LinkedIn you'll see them everywhere talking about personal brand and how they can help you to develop yours. But the most important thing is you've got to know to have a personal brand are these:

● Who are you?

● What are your values?

● What are the things that you're really passionate about?

● What's important to you?

How To Build A Personal Brand

11 years ago I hadn't even touched social media, right? So when I started Giggs and Co. it was my first step into social media. What I didn't know back then was that what I was really doing was building my personal brand.

I'd never really heard it being called that back then, but five or six years later people were talking about ‘personal brands’. Even though I didn't know what they meant, I was actually building mine. I was talking about the things that I believed in, talking about my team, talking about our clients, talking about how we do things, talking about the market. I was informing people on a regular basis about things that they felt were important and relevant but that all connected back to who I am as a person.

Your personal brand is unique. It's yours. You own it, so if you don't do what's important to you, if you don't talk about the things that are authentic to you, the things that you're passionate about, the things that you believe in, you're losing your personal connection to your personal brand.

Why? Because people will not connect with you. They won't want to follow you if they feel that they're listening to someone who doesn't actually believe in what they're talking about. Imagine if I was sitting here right now writing a post for you about something and you could just feel I had no connection to it. You wouldn’t connect with me or what I was writing. But that’s not the case with this post because you know what I'm talking to you about here is what I've experienced. It’s what I've grown and learned from and that’s why I'm sharing it with you now.

People buy people in this industry. I know some people challenge that statement, but they really do. If they know you, if they like you, if they trust you it's going to bring you a step closer to being their agent. Don't forget that along the way while you’re building your personal brand.

3 - Understands What Motivates You

The third thing you need to work on is your motivation. Is that the same as mindset? Kind of, but I think of mindset as being like training sessions. It's in these sessions that you're learning and you're listening to stuff. But you're implementing stuff that you've learned, you’re working on your motivation.

Motivation is all about doing. It's all about knowing why I'm doing what I'm doing and really connecting with that. You need that connection because if you’re an estate agent, you need to understand that it's a vocation. It's not to be played at. It's not just a job. As an estate agent, you're dealing with people's livelihoods. You're making decisions with people every single day that will affect their future and their outcome.

To make those decisions, so you've got to have the motivation. Without it, you're not going to be able to have the difficult conversations that we need to be having right now in the current climate – I’m writing this in 2023, so I get asked all the time, ‘What’s going on in the market?’

Working in the market as it is in 2023 is completely different to how it was two or three years ago for estate agents. The market was booming – it’s like we were just sat there waiting for roast duck to fly in our mouths. We didn’t have to do much.

But the market’s not always going to be booming, guys. And actually that's not really the market that you want to operate in. You want to market yourselves and operate in a market that's going to really tick your boxes. It's going to really help you to understand your why and get you connected to your passion.

Why? Because if you're out there and you're doing the things, making the calls, having the conversations that nobody else is having, you're going to start to set yourself apart from everybody else. It’s in the heart of conversation that you find the sale right, not on Right Move – it's in the heart of conversation and that's where you've got to have the motivation to understand why you're doing this in the first place.

Are you in it for the right reasons?

So if you're wanting to do this because you want to earn megabucks, honestly the bad days are just going to keep you down, right? Because you're not going to want to do the hard work. That's like someone who wants to lose a stone in two weeks – it just does not happen. Or, if it does, you're not going to keep it off. If this is you, have another think about why you want to be an estate agent, and read my earlier post: 3 Reasons why you shouldn’t be a real estate agent right now’.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, I want you to build a sustainable, motivated mindset to help you stand out as a real estate agent, so come on this journey with me and I'll teach you exactly how to do that. But these things aren’t easy. To stand out you have to be willing to really work on your mindset, then you have got to put yourself out there to be seen and build your personal brand, and finally, you have to be motivated. Getting these three right will separate you from all the people who are just existing in this industry, rather than executing in it.

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